Research projects

New Soldering Technology - “SMARTFOIL”
Supervisor: Pavel G. Gabdullin, PhD, associate professor. Olga E. Kvashenkina, PhD, associate professor

Microelectronic Thermoelectric Generator
Supervisor: Alexander S. Korotkov, Dr.Sci., professor, Vera V. Loboda, PhD, associate professor

Space system of precise automatic identification of ships (AIS)
Supervisor: Evgeniy A. Popov, PhD, associate prof.

Gamma-ray space detector
Supervisor: Alexander V. Blinov, Dr.Sci., professor

A miniature high-power pulse nano/subnanosecond optical emitter for the long-distance high resolution radars
Supervisor: Alexey V. Filimonov, Dr.Sci., head of a department, director of REC «NCM»

Space Ion Engines
Supervisor: Oleg Yu. Tsybin, Dr.Sci., professor

High-precision fiber-optic Interferometric Sensors
Supervisor: Leonid B. Liokumovich, Dr.Sci., prof.

Microwave photonics beam forming systems for ultra-wideband phased array antennas
Supervisor: Alexander P. Lavrov, Dr.Sci., professor

Sources and Detectors of Terahertz Radiation
Supervisor: D.A Firsov, Dr.Sci., professor;

A development of new technical decisions to increase the accuracy of autonomous and satellite navigation systems
Supervisor: Igor M. Sokolov, Dr.Sci., professor

Diode lasers with narrow beam divergence
Supervisor: Alexey E. Zhukov, Dr.Sci., professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Perspective components of solid-state microwave electronics based on InAlAs / InGaAs / InP and AlGaN / GaN heterostructures
Supervisor:  V. Ustinov